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Food for Healthy Teeth

Food for healthy teeth

You are what you eat! Especially when it comes to your teeth, the food you eat directly influences the health of it. Consumption of sugary foods rich on carbohydrates and fats on a regular basis accentuates tooth decay, whilst on the other hand, it is necessary for you to have all the necessary nutrients for a hale and healthy lifestyle.

In general, foods that are rich in starch and carbs contribute to issues in the mouth like gum disease and decay. These food cause an acidic environment in your mouth which in turn affects the enamel. On the other hand, food that is rich in calcium, folic acid and vitamins are good for your gums and prevents mouth disease. At the end of the day, the leading cause of losing your tooth in old age is via gum disease and making a change in your diet could lead to a lifelong beautiful smile without any dental issues.

Since the tooth enamel mainly consists of minerals, the best foods are the ones that are rich especially in calcium and phosphorous. Foods like yoghurt, fish, almonds, pumpkin seeds and eggs really help keep your tooth strong.

Here are some foods that you need to have for healthy teeth and the reasoning behind them –

1) Avocado

A berry that is rich in healthy fats, avocado has a host of health benefits associated with them. Being rich in fibre, they feed probiotic bacteria in your mouth and also contain fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin B5, B6 and potassium which are proven to make your tooth more robust.

2) Fruits/vegetables that is crunchy and abundant with water

Crunchy food with an abundance of water releases a lot of saliva which washes away the bacteria in your mouth. Naturally abrasive they remove plaque and other unwanted materials from your mouth. Fruits and vegetables like apples, cucumbers and carrots fit the bill perfectly.

3) Leafy green vegetables

Abundant in calcium, folic acid and a ton of minerals, they rejuvenate your teeth and your body and has a host of benefits in addition to being good for your dental region. One of them is that they provide a lot of fiber to your daily diet. Leafy vegetables like spinach are also good oxidants and help in anti-ageing. Food like parsley also help in curing bad breath and are good anti-bacterial agents.

4) Fish and red meat

Most types of meat are quite rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins which prove to be very beneficial for your general health. Chicken drums, in particular, are also good at collagen which help in joint health. Meat can also be consumed in the form of hot soup to make it tastier and to retain the nutrients for the betterment of your oral health.

5) Green tea/Black tea

Rich in polyphenols, they are well known for their ability to eliminate bacteria and other toxins in your mouth. Also rich in fluoride, they provide ample nourishment and contribute to the wellbeing of your teeth when consumed without sugar.

6) Garlic

Known for their anti-bacterial properties, they also contain a vital part called “allicin” which makes garlic a potent tool to fight infections. Allicin is also quite good at maintaining oral hygiene and fights cavities like a champ.

7) Strawberry

Containing malic acid, they are a natural enamel whitener that when mixed with baking soda and applied to your teeth works wonders!

Foods to avoid for healthier teeth –

1)Citrus fruits – Orange, lemon and the like are acidic and can erode the tooth enamel over time.

2) Candies – Candies stick to your tooth for a really long time and help proliferate bacteria in your mouth. And the presence of sugar just accentuates the problem as it makes the whole environment acidic which in turn then damages the enamel.

3) Pickles – Not only do they increase teeth wear, they have a noticeable effect on your dental health by affecting it adversely.

4) Soda


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