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Bone grafting to restore your lost bone in mouth

Bone Grafting Surgery

Persons having sufficient bone in the place of his/her missing tooth are eligible to go for dental implants. This is because your jaw should have enough strength provided by bones to support the implants.

Although your jaw does not have enough bone support, you can get such cosmetic dentistry treatments with the help of bone grafting surgery.

What is Bone Grafting and why it is essential?

Bone Grafting is the bone regeneration dental treatment and is common in today’s dentistry. It helps one to regain bone and supporting tissues in the mouth by bone transplantation.

Generally, the growth of bones in our jaws are stimulated by the force produced while chewing our teeth. If a tooth is lost, then the jaw does not get the force to grow bones in the area of missing tooth. Then the bone width gets reduced after tooth loss. It causes adjacent teeth atrophies and reduces the size of jaws.

Thus, missing tooth leads to halt the bone generation process and probably weakens the adjacent tooth bones which provide a way to reduce the gum tissues. It also reduces the distance between chin and nose which causes changes in our facial appearance and make us look older more than actually we are.

To say simply, bone loss that arises due to a missing tooth will cause gum diseases, change the facial appearance.

Recreating bone is that place is the only way to halt these oral health risks. We can achieve that with bone graft surgery.

How does the graft develop bone?

This is a simple dental treatment for which you need not worry or fear. All you want to do is to wait patiently for a while after the surgery.

In earlier days, doctors use a small portion of our bones taken anywhere from our body as grafts to stimulate the bone growth. Nowadays, the grafts are taken from different sources like using synthetic materials, animal bones, bones taken from another person.

This kind of grafts retrieved from another human beings are called as Xenografts.

The grafts are used for surgery after sterilizing and removing all organic components to make mineral components only present in the grafts. This eliminates the risk of infections.

Depending on certain factors like degree of bone loss, the location of the lost tooth in mouth and healing, the dental surgeons decide what kind of graft has to be placed.

After placing the graft in the right location, the doctor covers the graft with collagen membranes. The graft restricts the collapse of surrounding tissues in that area. Once the graft is placed, our human body allows it to fuse with existing bone. Then it produces a new bone containing phosphorous, calcium and hydroxypetine. The developing process takes around 6 months to complete as the bone grows 1mm in a month.

When the new bone is developed, it dissolves the graft placed during surgery.

Healing will take the time duration of 2 wee+ks to 3 months based on the ability to heal, type of graft material used and the injury.


Remember that you need to avoid smoking, take soft foods until the bone is completely developed.

Although the bone is developed because of surgery, it is a natural bone which has the strength of support dental implants. It maximizes the success rate of dental implant surgery.

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