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A dream to bring out the real beauty and power of a smile is what stands today as LOCUS DENTAL CARE redefines your dental care procedures to assure that you always have a smile on your face.

LOCUS DENTAL CARE takes complete care of all your dentally oriented issues.It also plays a vital role in determining one’s general health conditions.

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Our mission is to provide all our patients excellence in Dental Care with the highest ethical standards in a friendly and professional environment.


We put our patients at the heart of everything we do at American Dental Clinic. Our team is handpicked for our dedication to patient care and exceptional skills.


Check out these top oral health blogs for the best advice on keeping your teeth healthy.

How does smoking affect your oral health?

by locusdental

Effects of  SMOKING  on Oral health We all probably know the effect of smoking on your lungs, heart and your general health. Are you aware that smoking affects your oral health too apart from stains?  It can cause gum disease, periodontal disease (tissues around tooth), bad breath, tooth loss, bone loss and in severe case … Continue reading How does smoking affect your oral health?

How does a women’s oral health change throughout her life?

by locusdental

“BALANCE FOR BETTER” is the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, which is observed each year on March 8. The 2019 initiative is aimed at gender equality, a greater awareness of discrimination and a celebration of women’s achievements. The day celebrates “the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.” On this International women’s … Continue reading How does a women’s oral health change throughout her life?

Dental Veneers

Why does a dental veneer need replacement?

by locusdental

Dental veneers made up of ceramic or Porcelain are tooth-colored thin shells which are helpful to fix dental aesthetic problems.  Typically, the veneers are applicable in treating the chipped and stained front teeth by fixing the material over the tooth with an adhesive material. In general, the porcelain veneers are highly durable and are persists … Continue reading Why does a dental veneer need replacement?

Tooth with infected pulp

What does everyone know about Root Canal Therapy?

by locusdental

Root Canal Treatment is needed to treat a decayed tooth if the infection is deep or the tooth is severely decayed. Unlike many people think, it is not a painful procedure. You can get both “Surgical Root Canal Therapy” and “Non-Surgical Root Canal Therapy” in a dental office but Dentists choose the right one depending … Continue reading What does everyone know about Root Canal Therapy?

Bone Grafting Surgery

Bone grafting to restore your lost bone in mouth

by locusdental

Persons having sufficient bone in the place of his/her missing tooth are eligible to go for dental implants. This is because your jaw should have enough strength provided by bones to support the implants. Although your jaw does not have enough bone support, you can get such cosmetic dentistry treatments with the help of bone … Continue reading Bone grafting to restore your lost bone in mouth

Dental Filling

Types of Dental Fillings

by locusdental

Dental fillings are inserted to treat cavities and fill the area where the decayed tooth is removed. The main reason dental fillings are used is to repair broken teeth and prevent teeth from undergoing further decay. There are myriad dental filling options available in the market and it is necessary that you have a clear … Continue reading Types of Dental Fillings

Smiling Woman

Tips to maintain the teeth white after whitening treatment

by locusdental

Whitening treatment is done by people of all ages to remove stains from the teeth and to make the teeth more fair. The most common reasons why people go for whitening treatment is that it is apt for:

Dental Crown

Types of Dental Crowns

by locusdental

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped prosthetic devices that encircle a tooth and help in restoring the strength of the tooth and enhance its appearance. Usually used to cover the top of the teeth, dental crowns are used for a medley of purposes. The common reasons to go for a dental crown are: To enhance the strength … Continue reading Types of Dental Crowns

Smiling Kid

Ways to prevent crooked teeth in Children

by locusdental

Dental care for a child is vital, especially in their formative years. Not taking good care of oral health especially for kids would result in: Painful teeth, gums and the surrounding regions. Difficulty in eating food/chewing Sensitive teeth. Tooth decay

Senior dental health care

Importance of Senior Oral Health Care

by locusdental

As an old saying goes, health is indeed wealth. It is now more important than ever for the elderly to take care of their oral health. Advancing age not only increases the chance of gum disease, it makes the teeth more vulnerable to infection and ailments. There are a number of factors that influence the … Continue reading Importance of Senior Oral Health Care

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