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Important things on deep teeth cleaning you never knew

Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep Teeth Cleaning is an invasive procedure which deals with cleaning below the gum lines to the root. This is also known as dental scaling and root planning. The cleaning procedure is termed as gum therapy and will be handled by dental hygienists because a thorough cleaning on is required to clean the plaque build up on gums prior to carry out gum disease treatments.

Are Deep teeth cleaning and regular teeth cleaning the same?

No. both treatments have different objectives.

Regular teeth cleaning also known as in-office dental cleaning removes the stains, plaque and tartar build-up deposited on the teeth. If the plaque deposition does not affect the underlying gum region, then regular dental cleaning will be sufficient to clean the gums.

In contrast, deep cleaning is done to remove the bacterial accumulation, plaque & tartar build up in the underlying regions where gum and tooth bone meet. Dental health specialists provide this treatment to stop the progression of periodontal diseases.

Why dental scaling treatment is necessary?

Our mouth contains a myriad of bacteria inside which is responsible for the plaque build up. If the plaque and tartar are not removed, the bacteria present in those depositions infect the gum tissues.

The bacterial invasion on gum tissues recede the gum lines and cause spaces beneath the gum lines. Such spaces are called pockets. When the pockets between the teeth and gums are formed, oral bacteria and other plaque-causing agents get trapped in the pockets. It is hard to clean with regular teeth cleaning.

Hence an optimized cleaning treatment is needed to wipe out the bacterial deposition under the gums.

Otherwise, the infection in the gums progresses and cause gum diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis which is powerful to weaken the tooth bone and ends in teeth loss.

Remember that gum diseases are associated with diabetes and heart diseases. Getting deep teeth cleaning protects your health as well as your dental health.

What is the procedure involved in Deep cleaning?

The treatment procedure begins with identifying the pockets. If the pocket is above 4mm in size, then deep cleaning is essential to protect the gums. In general, dental hygienists utilize specialized tools for gum therapy and can be classified as:

  • Scaling with Hand-held instruments – It involves using a curette and dental scalar instrument to remove calculus manually.
  • Dentists use ultrasonic instruments to clean the plaque and tartar.

Similar to other oral treatments and procedures, dental cleaning also begins by numbing the oral regions with local anesthesia. Then the process of scaling is done to extract the hardened plaque over the teeth roots.

When dentists assure the gum region on its way to tooth root is cleansed, they begin to soften the teeth roots with root planning. It helps the teeth to affix effectively with the gums.


When you get deep teeth cleaning treatment, little discomforts like pain, gum swelling and bleeding for some days following the treatment are common. You need not to worry about that.

It is important to prevent infection or contamination over the gums after the treatment. Hence you should follow the appropriate aftercare tips and take medications prescribed by your Dentist.   

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