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Habits that stain our teeth

Habits maketh or break a man. And most people when it comes to their dental health ingratiate negative habits that end up causing a great deal of harm to their tooth over time. Be it consuming food that plaques teeth or not flossing regularly, these actions over time cause consequences that can be avoided by taking small constructive steps on a consistent basis.

Tooth discolouration is a serious issue can cause enamel to become thinner. Eroding of the enamel(outermost layer of teeth) results in the next layer, the sensitive yellow coloured dentin to become the outermost layer. Staining of the teeth is not only a cosmetic issue, but it also causes tooth sensitivity which in turn results in pain when you drink/bite food that is either spicy/hot/cold.

Here, in this article let us talk about the common habits that cause a great deal of harm to your dental health and how to avoid them –

  1. Consuming Huge Amounts Of Coffee And Tea – Yup, you read it right. Consuming huge amounts of coffee can stain your teeth due to the presence of a substance called tannins that have been found to be a major culprit in tooth staining and discolouration. Also being acidic, coffee and tea accentuates the presence of bacteria and affects the pH balance of your mouth.Studies have also found that the darker the tea, the more damage it could do to your enamel and cause stains.
  2. Consuming Sugary Drinks – Sugary drinks are known for their acidic properties. It is vital to know that acidity is harmful to your enamel and once it damages them, it is hard to reverse it.Since the pH level of the sugary drinks is low, they erode the outer most layer of your teeth, which in turn can’t grow back since it doesn’t contain any living cells.All types of sodas contribute to the discolouration of teeth.
  3. Consuming Toffees and Popsicles in Large Amounts – Whilst not exactly a contributor to the eroding of enamel, they contribute to the staining of tongue and lips which indirectly contributes to staining of teeth. Also, the fact that they are acidic and have sugar in huge quantities don’t help in reducing the bacteria either.
  4. Beetroots – Whilst they are quite good for your health when it comes to nutrients, they are also well known for their staining properties due to their deep colour. It is recommended that you brush your teeth, an hour after consumption of beetroot to get rid of the stains in your tooth.
  5. Tobacco Chewing – It is a well-known fact that tobacco chewing is not only harmful to your overall health, but it also causes a range of side-effects. One of these is that tobacco penetrates deep into the enamel and plays a major role in discolouration of your teeth. Frequent tobacco consumption will irritate your teeth, cause tooth sensitivity and erosion. In fact, tooth discolouration is quite common among frequent tobacco users.
  6. Consumption of Red Wine & White Wine – Red wine contains chromogens and tannins which are infamous for causing stains in your teeth. Wine, in general, is quite acidic and proliferates the bacteria present in your mouth. So try avoiding wine or at least dilute it with other substances when consuming to reduce the effect of it.
  7. Anything Tomato Based – Tomato sauce, soy sauce and other types of sauces are known to have elements that contribute significantly to the staining of your teeth.
  8. Not brushing and flossing regularly – The best thing you can do to avoid stains is by making sure brushing, rinsing your mouth and flossing is a part of your regular dental routine. If you consume something, the least you can do is swish your mouth as the presence of water in your mouth is better than leaving the food residue languishing in your mouth.

In general, when it comes to avoiding stains, try to avoid foods that contain large quantities of any of the above substances-

  • Acidic Substances – Since they weak the enamel and make it easy for the bacteria to attack by forming soft patches.
  • Tannins.
  • Chromogens – They are concentrated-pigmented compounds that stick to the tooth enamel and promote stain causing elements.

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