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Root Canal Treatment Offers Immediate Relief

Do you have an abscessed tooth or a tooth that is infected? Are you in pain and need an immediate solution? It’s very important to see your dentist as soon as possible so that you can get to the root of the matter and get rid of the pain and the infection. Root canal treatment also known as endodontic therapy can be treated by an endodontist who can restore the condition the tooth back to normal with expertise and experience. An endodontist specializes in Endodontics which is a branch of dentistry and has the skill and know how to diagnose and treat a problem that needs root canal therapy. There are many reasons for the tooth to get infected but the main cause is bacteria which can enter a tooth or teeth through a gap, decay, a fracture or through a filling that has broken down. As there are millions of bacteria present in the mouth, the teeth must be kept in good condition as bacteria can cause the tooth to become diseased or pathologic.

Root canal treatment or endodontic therapy is necessary for patients who have pain while chewing or biting food, a sudden intense pain in the tooth, an unexpected pain in the infected tooth that wakes them up at night or a nagging pain. Patients who need root canal treatment have sensitivity to cold or hot beverages and/or foods, a tooth that is loose or is shaking, a specific or a single tooth that is more sensitive than the other teeth, a pain that lasts approximately four to six weeks after a filling or the replacement of a filling. In some cases, patients go through pain or pressure in the region of the eyes, neck and ears or there may be a soft bubble or pimple on the gum that leaks out pus or blood when pressed. As the bacteria eat its way into the dental pulp which is located in the middle or the centre of the tooth, it infects and destroys the nerves, the blood and the lymph vessels. With exposure to the bacteria, the dental pulp will become diseased and a deep cavity or a fracture would form resulting in the loss of vital functions and would die or become totally inefficient.

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